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Greeting tourists and gamblers alike is this years, 2012, Miccosukee Resort Holiday Tree–quite grand at two stories. The resort is found on Tamiami Trail. The Miccosukee Tribe own the resort–cousins to the Seminole who own the Hardrock Resort and Casino in Broward. Both tribes, more so the Miccosukee, were part of the Creek Nation. The members of the tribe are ancestors of those who refused to submit to the U.S. Government. They fought vicious wars until the mid 1900’s when they signed peace treaties–The Seminole’s first, around or some time after the finishing of the Tamiami Trail, which was in the late 1920’s. The Miccosukee Tribe were the last in 1962–some say with the help of Fidel Castro. Go figure! Even now, 2012, one of the tribes continues the battle with the U.S. – this time, the I.R.S.

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