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golden walk

Golden is the day I walk in…

~The White Rabbit

Photo by Iliana



“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.” ~John Lubbock

helen georgia

“There you’ll find the place I love most in the world.  The place where I grew thin from dreaming.  My village, rising from the plain.  Shaded with trees and leaves like a piggy bank filled with memories.  You’ll see why a person would want to live there forever. Dawn, morning, mid-day, night: all the same, except for the changes in the air.  The air changes the color of things there.  And life whirs by as quiet as a murmur…the pure murmuring of life.”
~Juan Rulfo,    Pedro Páramo

By delightful serendipity while lost within the winding mountain roads of the Blueridge mountains, I came upon a small Alpine village in a valley called Helen, Georgia. This is one of the first of a series of images from that enchanting place I visited one very frigid and cold Valentine’s day in 2005. For more information about this endearing location, please click here.

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.” ~Yoda/Star Wars

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” –  Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom

Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. With respect to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a more simple and meagre life than the poor.” ~Henry David Thoreau 

Turning within, you find yourself on a long, lonely narrow path. Pilgrim, keep on going. Make and stay on your own path, for only then will you find what it is you seek: Your true self! ~Voiceless

You can count on me!

Whatever the secret may be, “Friend, you can always count on me!”

Happy Hallow’s Eve!

Bewitching twilight arrives. At our home, movies and sweets. No trick or treaters around. Here in Miami, Florida, the trend is for all to go to the mall. It is supposed to be safer, but I miss sitting home waiting for delightful and frightful trick or treaters. Happy Halloween all!


The Harvest Feast time is nearing–9:00 p.m. This is the time to turn off all electronics and return to the days when the ruling worldview was organic. Enchanting and magical such a night may be, but as all within this realm, frightening and intimidating. Tonight, the hymen between worlds is very weak, opening fully by Hallow’s Eve or Samhain. Much to be done at my home as the feast begins soon. This is a picture of one of the offering alters. More…so much more to do. So, I bid you all a good and safe night. Offerings and prayers for my northeastern bloggers, family, friends and all will abound; scientifically, many positive vibes will be sent your way to protect you. ~Voiceless

After every storm, there is hope still. Blue skies are still there, just hidden. My blessings to fellow bloggers and all in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Remember the age-old cliché: This too shall pass!

Stay safe my friends…Voiceless

A long time ago, the songwriter masters, the Beatles, composed a tune titled, “There Are Places I Remember.” I cherish this song for various reasons. For one, it was the chosen high school graduation song. For another, pure and simply, it is a nostalgia jerker. Each time the melodious frequencies enter my audio realm, they transport me back through space and time. “For these places have their moments….” When coupled with this photo I took in 1984, boom! I’m back in time. I remember it was September, a cool, crisp day–overcast and hinting at the coming change of seasons. As I sat on the porch, something urged me to fetch my camera–and I did, seizing and freezing the moment in time. The place: Linden, New Jersey. The street: McGilvray Place. This was my first place after leaving home; it is the place where I learned a lot about life. This is one place I often remember fondly.