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“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” –  Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom


Although winter arrives, the blooms in my tiny garden fight to sustain. Some have gone into slumber; some remain. Make certain, however, that their existence was not in vain. I’ll see them again after April Showers and May Rains. ~Voiceless

The orange peels were thrown into my tiny garden by my Mama who is certain that such a trick keeps kitties and other little beings away.  😀

You can count on me!

Whatever the secret may be, “Friend, you can always count on me!”

Deck needs sanding and painting, mums and other blooms ready for planting. Wood for burning and food for the Harvest await…late night during the Hunter’s Moon, we will rejoice with gratitude and delight for this abundant and bountiful feasting. ~ Voiceless