Trying to get the groove back…

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Photography

Mercier Orchards

Went on a trip two weeks ago with my father. For those who have followed me for a while, you know the reason why I’m in the funk in the first place–my father the same. My mom passed on 7/6/2015. Both Dad and I had stayed by Mom’s side for a little over a year; she was bedridden due to her cancer nine out of those months. We celebrated her as much as possible. It was all too fresh in our memory…a dream state enveloped us.

Almost four months have passed. We needed our groove back. A trip ensued from Miami, Florida. With this trip, two human beings chased after their groove, wanting it back. Did we? Stay tuned as I will begin posting random photos I took. This is the first, a picture of Mercier Orchards in Blueridge, Georgia. Crisp day; crisp apples. Sparkling Cider…pumpkin bread….

This is the White Rabbit. I got my groove back. Hope I got you back too. Thanks for your patience…<3 ya’ll! Be Blessed!


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