Un Fragmented Momento

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Photography

A piece from my ebook found on Amazon Kindle.

White Rabbit's Lair

kennedy space center

“Fragmented moments remain–moments ingrained with things pained. Shocking my being with images past, keeping them for eternity to last. Moments like when my parents told me that it was important to understand that to wear la panoleta–that darn scarf that made be barf–meant commitment to the patria, the fatherland. This was something that could not be, to wear that panoleta since my mother and I, we would be leaving the island soon to the land of the free, but if I wore that panoleta, America I would never see. That’s what I thought then in 1960, a six year old Cuban female exile to be.

On that quite strange day, in the first grade, when still a young child living in Santiago de Cuba, our plans to leave the island almost went astray. At school, while preparing to go on a school trip, all students were…

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