Suicide – In Loving Memory Of Jerome

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Photography

They suffer
silently in excruciating pain–
those that realize
The Rejection.
In loving memory for all of them.

Don Charisma

Negative people can distract one from one’s purpose for a while, but never permanently. Their pettiness makes people so little, their troubles are so often so insignificant, it’s pitiful really.

Today the cynics were put in perspective for me …

A mutual friend of ours told me he is visiting a friend today, an old work colleague. His friend has a son who took his own life whilst he was studying at University. I discussed with my friend a little of how we felt, and how difficult it is to deal with such a topic sensitively and compassionately. My friend’s approach was simply to visit the father and “be there” for him as a friend. It’s a simple act of kindness. I am thankful to my friend for reminding me that we all have the capacity for compassion. Our conversation reminded me of another friend, who passed some 10 years ago, Jerome ….

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  1. Rajiv says:

    Negativity can have long lasting repercussions.


    • Life is one of dialectics of positive and negative interactions. It is necessary as explained by physics and other sciences. However, there must be a balance. There’s got to be that equalizer. Too much of either throws the system off. In gratitude for your thought.


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