Inner Peace Award

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Awards


Presented to me by one of the most charming persons in the blogosphere, Don Charisma found at this awesome blog –>

This is the link to the nomination post –> The Inner Peace Award | Don Charisma

Don Charisma has re-made the badge for this award by choosing Yoda. If I were to have chosen a new image representative of inner peace, I would have chosen the same–Master Yoda! 😉

The charming Don states that “the inner peace award is one of my favourite awards. It’s a lovely idea. I mean, with all the turmoil that happens in our lives, who doesn’t like inner peace or want more of it?”

To me, this award is for those bloggers who through their blog, no matter the content, seek the wisdom of Yoda or inner peace. These bloggers are on a journey, infused with the apropos humor, illustrating acceptance of the knowledge that all is folly and that one must learn to control it cause there ain’t no way to get rid of it. The key to such wisdom, “Do or do not. There is no try!” ~Master Yoda

Thank you so much Don Charisma for yet another fantastic award. I accept!

Conditions for Accepting the Award:

The only “rule” for the inner peace award is that you write a short piece on why you are accepting it. Don Charisma suggests that you forward on to other bloggers who you think would like it, 3-10 up to you, he says. I chose my favorite #7.

Why I’m Accepting the Inner Peace Award:

Inner Peace at a time where Outer Turmoil seems to reign is necessary to ensure a harmonious life within a chaotic environment. Through my photographs and quotes, I aim to still my mind of negative thoughts and to raise my vibration frequencies. Through such activities, the turmoil of life sways to an inner peace that I hope transcends to my followers/viewers/readers by sharing the results in my blog.


I’m awarding this “The Inner Peace Award” to:

1. the sacred road | 18+ for mature content….Smile! You’re at the best site ever!

2. Rethinking Life | Art and the philosophy of life

3. belsbror | Like it or not, it’s already written, my way.

4. CRAZY LIFE | I was born not knowing and have only little time to change that here and there

5. Kintal | the impressions are nonverbatim and are not to be taken literally, chew it thoroughly to avoid indigestion.

6. Friendly Fairy Tales | Fairy Tales and Poetry Celebrating Magic and Nature for Kids of all Ages

7. Gardening in Greenwood | Life Through a Gardener’s Lens…

Enjoy and thank you for what you do! Iliana the White Rabbit…



  1. […] then came along again and gave me the Yoda Inner Peace Award!! And when I visited Don Charisma, the maker of this new icon for the Inner Peace […]


  2. Brenda says:

    Congratulations and thanks for nominating Friendlyfairytales! Lovely, inspiring words! Peace and Joy, Brenda


  3. Don Charisma says:

    LOL, thanks, although not sure I’m the most charming … congrats and warm regards don charisma 🙂


  4. Congratulations:)


  5. belsbror says:

    Wise words, indeed! 🙂
    Thank you for the nomination.


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