Sunshine Award

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Awards


Yay! I’ve been nominated, again, for the Sunshine Award by fellow blogger Belsbror! You can locate this one of a kind blog here belsbror | Like it or not, it’s already written, my way. and I am certain you will be delighted by his witty way of narrating everyday life. Please do visit this fellow blogger who has showered sunshine rays upon my day. Thank you so much for this award. This blog is highly recommended–please visit!

First rule for accepting this award is to copy the above picture on a blog post you will create, expressing your emotions and thoughts about your nomination, writing something describing the blog who nominated you, my blog in this case, as well as posting the link to my blog somewhere on the same post.

Second rule: Somewhere on your blog, have a list of the awards you have received for the nomination and accepted, including this one, if you don’t have one already–usually this is the link to your acceptance post plus the picture. For an example, see my “Awards” tab. That’s how I do it.

The third rule is to write ten pieces of information about myself.

1. I love blogging.

2. I love cats.

3. I love photography.

4. I love nature.

5. I believe in magic.

6. I believe ends are beginnings.

7. I believe people should live to flourish not to survive.

8. I believe reading is better than television.

9. I enjoy reading about Chaos Theory

10. Fractals fascinate me.

Next rule is to nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” I also believe that every blogger who begins a blog and persistently continues it with his or her own unique flavor deserves the Sunshine Award. Each one is a ray of sunshine! I nominate all my followers and every blogger who reads this since all, in one way or the other, “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Please browse through my “Followers and Following List.” I suggest you begin with those who “like” my blogs since it is easier. 🙂 But, honestly, all of the blogs I follow are great in their own unique way–just wish I had more time to visit each more often.

Finally, after nominations, leave a comment about and a link to each nominee’s blog about their achievement if you decide on just 10–that is if you choose to accept the nomination. If you cannot accept, just know this blogger just sun-kissed you today and smile! 🙂

Thank you again Belsbror and to all who read/follow my blog. Here’s sunshine for all of you since all bloggers deserve such awards in my humble opinion.


  1. kcg1974 says:

    Congratulations to You!!


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