Garden Strolling

Metaphysics? What metaphysics do these trees have?
That of being green and having crowns and branches
And that of giving fruit at their hours, — which is not
what makes us think,
us, who don’t know to be aware of them.
But what better metaphysics than theirs,
Which is not knowing why they live
And not knowing they don’t know?

~Fernando Pessoa

  1. steven1111 says:

    You know, I wonder about this. Do these trees really not know why they exist and live? I think they might, but we just don’t know how to talk or listen to them. On “Cosmos” the other night Neil deGrasse Tyson talked about how we’re all related to the trees in our DNA. I was thrilled to hear this, but I already “knew” it was true. Someday perhaps we’ll be able to communicate with these ancient beings that have been around far longer than we have. It’s a lot to ponder.. 😉
    Peace and Hugs,


    • Hey Steve. I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve read that they have consciousness and that plants do interact with us in a way. Did you ever read “The Secret Life of Plants”? Forgot the author. I recently read an article the explains our DNA is similar to many “beings” on earth. New science is discovering so much so quickly. It absolutely is mind blowing! Great to hear from you and hope all is warming up and that the garden is in bloom! 🙂 XXOO ❤


  2. bwcarey says:

    the air, i wonder where it came from, interesting, like those trees, amen


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