Loop Road

Enjoy my Everglades and other nature photos? Please visit my Everglades Lovers Group below, become a member to enjoy new photos daily and invite friends.

So glad to see you here! This page is dedicated to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, decorated author of Everglades, River of Grass, and Voice of the Everglades–a true friend until the end. Welcome all lovers of both Ms. Stoneman Douglas and her Everglades. May both live on strong. For now, enjoy what is left, captured by my eyes. Photos taken at either Flamingo, Shark Valley, Tamiami Trail, Miccosukee, Big Cypress Reserve and other nearby areas in the Everglades, South Florida. Copyright 2014 by Hakes Publishing. You may add your own Everglades shots or anything else pertaining to the Everglades or Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Everything and anything else posted not meeting the above criteria will be deleted without notice, the member who posted deleted also. Again, welcome and enjoy!



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