Trail Canal

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Environmental, Everglades, Photography, Photos by Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez, Quotes

tamiami canal 2

“The Everglades was the only place on earth where alligators (broad snout, fresh water, darker skin) and crocodiles (pointy snout, salt water, toothy grin) lived side by side. It was the only home of the Everglades mink, Okeechobee gourd, and Big Cypress fox squirrel. It had carnivorous plants, amphibious birds, oysters that grew on trees, cacti that grew in water, lizards that changed colors, and fish that changed genders. It had 1,100 species of trees and plants, 350 birds, and 52 varieties of porcelain-smooth, candy-striped tree snails. It had bottlenose dolphins, marsh rabbits, ghost orchids, moray eels, bald eagles, and countless other species that didn’t seem to belong on the same continent, much less in the same ecosystem.”
~Michael Grunwald, The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise

Notice the “past tense” used by the writer. All is dwindling quickly…go figure.

  1. steven1111 says:

    This makes me so sad I just wanna cry. So I do… Thank you for posting this beautiful picture of the Swamp Cypress and the story of the tragic loss of the Everglades. I wish I could see it before it’s gone, but I live so far away, and it’s going so fast… sigh.


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