Crimson Sunset

Below, another excerpt from my soon to be published fiction, Exit 13: A Collection of Short Cultural & Psychological Pieces. Again, the book cover reveal was due on October 31, 2013 but some unexpected problems arose. If all goes as expected, the cover reveal will occur sometime before the end of this year, and the actual book will publish around the same time. And, a reminder that another book, Baker Acted, is in the works–the cover reveal should be sometime before spring–again, if all goes as planned. Both will be available from Amazon, including Kindle and other eBook providers. Will let you know. 🙂

“At its inception, Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution was 100% anti-communist; Castro had promised he was not a communist. Then, the darkness fell and suddenly, Castro declared himself a MarxistLenin communist. Wow! Drop some more bombs on me, please! A betrayal, this certainly was, to the Cuban people. Honestly, this is detestable, if true.

Only a traitor is so transparent in his lies that it is obvious that the people are not where he has his best interests although he claimed so at the beginning of his deceptive revolution–the way he gathered supporters and arms. What a blow to the Cuban people, to those who fought so hard to achieve a Cuba Libre. What a blow to Huber Mato’s who dragged all those weapons across the sea to help fight for the revolution, to Celia Sanchez who egged Matos to follow Castro–what a freakin’ blow to the funny bone! They did all this for what? For Castro to follow the guidance of a foreigner to join the communist party and kill, pillage and destroy? That’s exactly for what–it was so cunning. Anyway, that is if that story is true, and I’m sure there are truths and then there are Truths.

The foreigner’s name was Ernesto Guevera who most know by the name of Che. His picture slaps the front of many t-shirts and other fancy accessories in the capitalist markets–how ironic. Even more biting is how some people consider him a revolutionary hero. ‘Tis probably due to his very cute and charming face, which I myself am guilty of becoming mesmerized by–his eyes, his smile, even his serious look, enchanting. Then, it wouldn’t surprise you to know that I owned a t-shirt once–one with Che’s face on it, with the red beret on his head that appears to be tilted upwards, his eyes looking up at the sky, a mellow smile on his face. I wore it whenever I wanted to piss my parents off because to them, he was the devil re-incarnate.

Quite a slap in the face to lots of people what Castro did–to me included since some of us exiles, we’re all screwed up now in one way or another. We, the Cubans in exile–without a patria. And, even though I act like I don’t care, I do. Who doesn’t want a patria? Thoughts about Cuba pop up here and there at times. My gut feels weird–not in a good way. Anxiety. Panic. El panuelo. Mi Cuba; mi patria no more.

Cubans–dispersed here and there on the globe, denser in some areas more than in others. An orphaned bunch, mourning the loss of a fatherland, a patria. The older folks, remembering things past nostalgically; those like me, imagining what it would have been like, depending on what version of the Cuban saga befalls our thirsting ears.

Whatever the truth may be, and to this story there are many truths as well as many lies, what I know about Cuba is not absolute, and no confirmations are made since the truth of anything is relative to one’s own truth. Everything is here-say. Anything that has to do with Cuba or Castro is inconclusive due to the many different versions of El Saga de Cuba Libre, Free Cuba saga–what I have come to call it. Truly, it is a formidable task to sift through all the copious amounts of differing information available, and I just don’t know what’s true and what’s fiction?”

Copyright 2013, Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez Publishing

  1. charlypriest says:

    I didn´t know I was “talking” with a published author. That makes me feel important when you read my crazy few editing crazy posts.

    I was reading through the comments and I was sort of chuckling when you where writing to another commentator that the thing most time consuming and hard, was editing,proofreading,publishing, marketing, e.t.c. Chuckling because since I too write short fictional stories which I don`t post those and I´m working on a book, some days ago I was reading about how this new or not so new social media has changed the world of getting your book out there and all the tools you have at your disposal and my two brain cells I have left almost died on me with so many options and things you should know as to how to use effectively these tools.

    About the post, congrat´s on the book. I hope to read it one day soon. I´ve always found interesting the American experiment, because you are really a nation of immigrants but at the same time you have something we don´t have in Spain that when the flag is raised you all rise up(or most of you)and salute it. Also found interesting and on some level tragic but maybe tragic is to strong a word or maybe not I´ll have to check your book, what people say about the lose of identity.

    I also will refer some of my lefty hefty friends when they talk about how great Cuba is to your site. I suppose you know more than any other person this great “Che” how cruel the bastard was, how many people he executed personally and on his orders much more many. I´m a little of a history buff, so I remember seeing a documentary about good old Fidel and there in front of the camera with all american reporters hailing him as a hero, he did say he was not a communist and that he wanted democracy for Cuba,while on a plane to the U.S.

    Interesting thing, Fidel was the one who saw the “Che” was gaining too much popularity,send him to whatever south american country to fight the great communist revolution, didn´t send him supplies when Che asked for and eventually got killed. So basically Castro wanted him out of the picture, but you probably know this.

    That was a rant. Again congratulations on the book, hope to read it soon, and this is one of the categories that I most like,but since you have so many I still have to do much more reading. Which I like.


    • Hi Charly…I’m a self-published author who is not very popular but it is okay. About my writing, I’m not a grammar patrol type and am more for the content–don’t get stuck on technicalities. I’m very unconventional about my writing…the more away from the conventional, the more I like it–that goes for other writing as well. And, many would argue that I can’t even write that I should just purchase a decent camera and focus on photography, which is a hobby of mine. Maybe–but I need to write to make sense of my world. That’s why I do it. Seem to get more positive feedback on my photography, though. Anyway, about being an immigrant–I’m not. I consider myself an exile, first and foremost–an exile that did not have a choice. I was a baby when we moved to America. I don’t know the truth of anything when it comes to Che, Castro or whatever–the point of the book, which is a fiction. There is nothing conclusive as there are too many different stories, in my opinion. I was born in Cuba but know absolutely nothing about it. I was raised in Jersey and that’s what I know. Now, the character in the book, I must say, is my baby, so she shares a lot with me and vice versa. The book is fragmented, reflecting the character’s state of being. It’s not conventional and it is that way for a reason. It’s meant to reflect chaos of the mind. 🙂 In fact, I tried to incorporate Chaos Theory and fractals in to the writing but unless you understand, you won’t see it. Then, I have my book of essays–basically, critical reactions to books I have read. I know what you mean about all that is out there for self-publishing authors. I opted out of print versions due to lack of funds and have just focused on Kindle for now. When I need to market myself, I use Twitter mostly. White Rabbit’s Café is mostly for my photography and favorite quotes. Anyway, email me and send me something–maybe we can work together. Love your content and how you write… Keep in touch! 🙂


      • charlypriest says:

        The book is fragmented into pieces to show chaos and uncoventional-I like that. And yes, I do know about the Chaos theory, mostly because my father bout a book some time ago about it. You´re photography is great I think as well as your writing. Kindle, that´s the other tool I was looking into. And thinking to myself that once I get something that I consider is worth putting out, not crazy things un-edited like the posts in the blog, although my writing does reflect that sense of ironic darks sense of humour, putting a person in a tough spot and making him go over it while making fun of the character and his misguided steps he makes and often falls over to try to get over that situation.

        I will e-mail you, I´m starting a novel,problem is I have no knowledge about structure or techniques of writing a novel. Yet again maybe is my strenght making the untechnique a useful technique, or something that may work for me. I still have to write more.
        I appreciate you giving me a hand, and I will email you a short story this weekend. And if you have time to read it please be brutally honest.

        Thanks again, and read ya!


        • I will help you with structure and general editing, if you would like. What I can do is read, give you a critique and also edit/proofread. Then, you decide how you want to continue. It’s best to send me chunks at a time. No need to tell me where you are going or stuff like that–I use Chaos Theory! 😀 In other words, I allow the hidden order to reveal itself with time. First, get that raw passion out onto the paper–which you do very well. Looking forward to the email. And read ya’ back! 🙂


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    I wasn’t aware…or probably missed it… or perhaps you posted before I started following…………that you were writing a book! That is wonderful! Wishing you much success.
    But the success is already here because you have done what you wanted…(I hope)


    • hakesplace says:

      I try not to solicit too much on my blog. Use other means for that. Here, I just share. I’ve written so many books, poems, short stories, etc. etc. but never shared them. Mostly, my writing was as way to find some sense out of all my experiences. Now that I’m older, and because of certain situations, I find myself revealing, little by little, what I have. I don’t know if it is what I wanted since I have resisted so long. Life is so very interesting and ironic. But, let me tell you, I thought the writing was hard. Nope. It’s the after process that is most difficult–the editing, proofreading, copyrighting, publishing, marketing and all that stuff. Can’t complain because it is what keeps me busy and at the same time, it helps me find some center within. I know…I’m going creepy on you. Sorry! 😀 Anywho…thank you so much for the kind words! But, I really want to hear some more of meme’s rhymes! 😀


      • mixedupmeme says:

        No, not creepy at all. It is all very interesting….the afterwards part. I am sure there are so many good books..poems etc…out there that never get past the author’s notebook. Sometimes it is just luck that some get the publicity. Yes, writing does keep us busy.
        Do you know…that my family doesn’t even see my writing? Shouldn’t admit it. Lots of things we feel just more comfortable keeping to ourselves. It makes me happy that you enjoy my simplicity.


        • hakesplace says:

          Thank you Meme! When its meant to me, it just happens, naturally and simply. Then, there are those who use marketing tricks. Let’s see what happens to this one. I have no expectations but am having fun. Heck, I’ve been a starving artist for over 50 years now! So…it’s more of a hobby now more than anything. Besides, I don’t really know how to write. I use kind of a dialect. What you read is what you would hear if I were talkin’! It’s a Jersey girl talk. Meme, thanks so much! XXOO!!!!!!


          • hakesplace says:

            Let me give you a tad little tiny bitty secret about the main character of Exit 13–she’s a Jersey girl who resonates with those Jersey kids she grew up with who lived in the projects–white kids who were the kids of the kids of previous Irish, Polish, and other European immigrants who lost their culture through the generations in America and were now called a derogatory name due to their class status–that derogatory name appears in the book. It is probable I will share an excerpt soon. Well, the female main character although seemingly American is Cuban at the core. She’s not me; she is Juana. You could say she is my daughter since I created her, and in doing so, lots of me now flows within her. 😉


  3. steven1111 says:

    Congratulations on your book(s). You’re so talented! I’m very impressed and will look for the book when it comes out. This is a powerful, sad and emotional excerpt. Thank you for posting it.
    Be Well,


    • hakesplace says:

      I appreciate the feed Steve. You know what I love about WP? What I love is that everyone is talented in one way or another. Everyone has so much to offer and share. I can’t keep up with my reader anymore. The rest of the book has the same mixture of power, sadness, emotions–and hopefully, also some humor. There has to be humor–one must laugh or else one will go nuts! 😉 Hugs and much love! White Rabbit


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