In the Clouds

During the last few days, I have posted some excerpts from my soon to be published fiction, Exit 13: A Collection of Short Cultural & Psychological Pieces. Below is another excerpt. The book cover reveal was due on October 31, 2013 but some unexpected problems arose. If all goes as expected, the cover reveal will occur sometime before the end of this year, and the actual book will publish around the same time. Another book, Baker Acted, is in the works–the cover reveal should be sometime before spring–again, if all goes as planned. Thank you to those who continue their dedicated visits to my blog and to those who continue to comment/like–it is greatly appreciated and to ya’ll I give thanks!

“My name is Juana la Cubana. For the last 31 years, in exile I have lived, far from where I was born in Santiago de Cuba on the 26th of July, 1962, year of our Lord. My stay on the island was short-lived. Never would have imagined what the Universe had in stored. About six years after my birth, on an airplane were we, my mother and me. It flew us to Mexico, our stepping stone to America–land of the free–where on the New Jersey turnpike we would be taking exit 13. 1968 was the year we became Cubans in exile, and after many a mile, what great things to be seen awaited us on our way to achieving the American Dream.
My country too, was a stepping stone–what could have been my patria, my fatherland, remains cloudy for me. What is known? Elizabeth, New Jersey–from there I’m home-grown. It’s found in America–the land of the free. This is the place I know–breathed, inhaled–and injected–this place in my blood flows. My DNA, adapted, regenerated and evolved into something else that while remaining the same at the core, changed at the surface, and became something more. Americanization spread throughout my body so quickly and densely that it set the Cuban seed into a dormant frenzy.”

Copyright 2013 by Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez

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