Early Morn’ Fog

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Photography, Photos by Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez, Quotes


“…as I lay there thinking of my vision, I could see it all again and feel the  meaning with a part of me like a strange power glowing in my body; but when the  part of me that talks would try to make words for the meaning, it would be like  fog and get away from me.”
~Black Elk

  1. steven1111 says:

    I grew up in an area known for its killer fogs, but I just loved them. The eeriness of them and the way that apparitions just appear out of the fog is just thrilling to me. But it can obscure what you think you see as Black Elk says. Visions are hard to fathom even if you see them clearly. Lack of clarity makes it all much more challenging but the ultimate understanding can be sweeter for it.


    • hakesplace says:

      I understand what you say. Visions are like dreams–and I believe Black Elk states this–his visions came in dreams. To live in the fog of mystery will never allow that “ultimate understanding.” For most of his life, Black Elk suffered depression, lost in the fog. It was not until that fog lifted that he “understood” the message of the “vision.” Warm wishes…


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    Occasionally we can see the fog following the river. Something lovely about a fog.


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