Still in the Rabbit Hole

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Music, Musings, Poetry and Quotes
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‘Tis been a while since I’ve surfaced for air

from that place far far from anywhere–

Deep within the deep abyss

‘Tis there from where I’m not of yet dismissed.

Blessed be me for this night to be

For though mad one hour he set me free–

Let’s share together some frequencies

Tunes of varied delicacies.

Then return I must into the rabbit hole

Retrieve I must what the queen stole–


One of the best live performances of In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. The first time I heard this melody was in 1989. The movie for young lovers. The name: “Say Anything“. The young male star: John Cusack.

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  1. great blog! Great video. I look forward to reading and listening to more!


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