“The original logo, conceived in 1971, was fashioned after a 15th century Norse woodcut, the image of a mythical two-tailed mermaid siren. The siren, as you may recall from Greek mythology, was an alluring and irresistible female figure, typically half-fish/half-women (the mermaid variety). The siren’s objective was to a seduce the seagoing mariner with a powerful enticing song most often to the unfortunate demise of the susceptible sailor who could not resist temptation…. The symbolism of the mermaid siren was not intended to suggest the demise of the customers who bought the coffee, but rather, to represent the irresistible and seductive quality of the coffee itself.”


Ahhh…no wonder! Truly, my coffee, like my chocolate, has both irresistible and seductive qualities. Mmmmm! 😀

Seduced into decadence. Marketing and mythology…what a combo!

  • Siren (thesplendidsiren.wordpress.com)

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