Took a picture of this lovely little Windmill–it looked small from the car. Notice that twisted little cloud just above it–is that Casper the Friendly Ghost? 😀 Anyway, as I wandered throughout the Alpine Village, I later I discovered the Windmill was actually a suite at the Heidi Motel. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Heidi Motel & the Luxurious Windmill Suites. Some find that although it resembles a “70’s porn style getaway,” they would not stay in any other place when in Helen. Maybe they were being sarcastic. Don’t know as I did not stay there. I stayed at the Country Inn just across a running brook, which I was able to see and hear from my suite. Maybe I’ll stay here the next time and write my own review. I’m the kind of person that unless I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears, I don’t believe it. 😀 To read the review and see five photos of the Heidi Luxurious Windmill Suites, please click here.


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