Valley Forge Fence and Structures

“It was the winter of 1777-78 that found George Washington and his volunteer army of 11,000 men freezing to death at a place called Valley Forge. The British had captured the American capital of Philadelphia early in the war. Washington wanted to winter close to the city to prevent further British expansion. So while the British troops quartered safe, warm, and well-fed in Philadelphia, General Washington and his men froze to death 22 miles away at Valley Forge.

To ease their suffering, Washington ordered his men to fell trees and build log cabins. They had no nails, hammers, or saws; only axes. Each cabin was a total of 22 square feet to house twelve men each.”

Here they are, the curious structures I found while following the fence at Valley Forge. Of course, these structures are recreated–that is, these are not the originals but we like to believe that they are close. Regardless, the frigid air and gloomy, gray skies recreated “something,” a peculiar feeling within my being–yes, my being. There was a strong presence that permeated the grounds of this historical park. That is for sure. This is captured with each twist of tree branch and each roll of the hills.

For more beautiful Valley Forge images and information, please click here. 😀

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  2. […] Valley Forge “Recreated” Cabins ( […]


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