cutty sark

“A speck on the horizon

One day we sighted a vessel, a mere speck on the horizon, astern of us, and the way she came into view it was evident she was travelling much faster than ourselves. ‘ Bringing the wind up with her ‘ was remarked on board, and that seemed the only feasible conclusion to arrive at and account for the manner in which she overhauled us. In a few hours she was alongside us, and proved to be the famous British clipper Cutty Sark, one of the fastest ships afloat. She passed us going two feet to our one, and in a short time was hull down ahead of us.”

~Lubbock, China clippers p.295-296, account of a fast wool clipper crewman

I took this picture while visiting the Royal Observatory Greenwich. This was a lovely section of my stay in London, a very enjoyable day promenading the Cutty Sark’s deck and hull, strolling in the park and roaming the cobblestone streets of Greenwich. The year was 1985; the month was March. It was quite chilly–a gray, drizzly day. I recently heard that the Cutty Sark burnt down back in 2007 but since has been rebuilt and is now open to the public.
  1. I just wanted to add that the refurbished cutty sark is even more beautiful. It’s sails peak out behind the Greenwich hills. They’ve improved the surroundings too.


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