There are times when my thought process reverts back to the negative patterns. By observing myself, I realize that I pick up negative frequencies in the environment that in turn generate a negative affect me. This picture illustrates the feeling within my being as I attempt to stop the negativity from going into a positive feedback loop, which feeds upon itself and amplifies out of control. What do you feel? Dissonance! This word is the one that popped into my mind as I meditated upon this particular space and focused on this specific area of the woods behind my sister’s house. It was a “Kodak moment” – and end of meditating upon space – about twenty minutes into it. Oh well.

“It is more than probable that I am not understood; but I fear, indeed, that it is in no manner possible to convey to the mind of the merely general reader, an adequate idea of that nervous intensity of interest with which, in my case, the powers of meditation (not to speak technically) busied and buried themselves, in the contemplation of even the most ordinary objects of the universe.”
―    Edgar Allan Poe

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